Who wouldn’t want to shoot off an Air Cannon at a sporting event or concert? Let’s share the love a bit.

Granted, some people might be too shy to get up in front of a crowd to do something like this. That’s okay. There are plenty of people who would want to shoot an Air Cannon.

Here are some ideas about who to get to shoot t-shirts and rally towels and stuffed animals and confetti and…  into the crowd at your next event:


This is an obvious one. Mascots and Air Cannons go hand in glove. Many of our customers have the mascots shoot swag into the crowds because that is their job to get the fans involved. Our Air Cannons are easy enough to use that they can do this, even if they are wearing a huge head as part of their costume.


This is an obvious one, too. They are used to being in front of the crowd, trying to get them riled up. How about taking turns?

Honor Someone

Did someone at your school do something significant or heroic? Or have they been going through a rough time and need a pick-me-up? This might be just the right thing to honor them. It’s like throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game.

Raffle Winner

In one of our recent posts, How to Make a Buck With Your Air Cannon, we talked about holding a raffle to win the chance to shoot the air cannon at an event. It not only raises money for whatever you want, like the athletic department or a charity, it’s a fun way to get people involved in events.  

Local Celebrity

Get someone recognizable to get up in front of the crowd — maybe someone who just won a medal at the Olympics or a favorite TV personality.

School Official or Favorite Teacher

It’s a little out of the ordinary for a principal or a teacher to be up in front of a crowd for a fun purpose. Normally it’s for a boring assembly. Help them break out of the mold to show they can have fun, too.

Someone with Great Energy

Most schools have those one or two people who are totally crazy, are well liked, love to have fun, and aren’t shy about getting in front of a crowd. They don’t have to be a cheerleader or star athlete — just someone who the crowd will respond to.

Lead Singer or Radio DJ

If you’re at a concert, have a leader singer or local DJ do it. This is a nice change of pace and gets the crowd involved. Maybe they’ll even post a video of it on their Facebook page or website.

Whoever you choose, it’s a good idea to let them practice a bit behind the scenes. We want them to make the most of this opportunity and have fun with it.