If you’re like most people, you have seen t-shirts shot out of air cannons at sporting events, concerts and rallies. But did you know that a t-shirt is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to air cannon ammunition? 

We have a whole page on our site regarding ammo page but this isn’t a sales pitch. 

There are some principles to follow when choosing what to shoot from your air cannon. Obviously, Air Cannons are not to be used to launch anything that is hard or which might cause injury. Because compressed t-shirts are stiff and compact, they are not recommended for use with Air Cannons.

So what else can you fire out of your Air Cannon? The short answer is just about anything that you can fit in the barrel (as long as it is soft).

Here are some ideas: 

Hot Dogs

Even though there was an incident in 2018 where a Philadelphia woman was hurt by a hot dog, incidences like that are very rare. You just need to be careful how the hot dog is wrapped and how it is shot (with a nice loft, not on a line). 

Johnsonville Brats bought a custom cannon from us to shoot bratwurst in the crowds at a 4th of July celebration. See a video of the cannon in use

Rally Towels

Seeing a sea of rally towels is an impressive thing to behold. Once you’ve shot them into the crowd, you’ll see them all game, at subsequent games, and on their walls at home as a reminder.

They are cheap to produce and you can keep shooting and shooting them — even several at a time. 

Color Powder

Some of our clients have used Air Cannons for shooting Color Powder. These are especially popular for use at color runs. They are to use and make a real splash.

Dustin Lynch used one of our air cannons in his “Seein’ Red” video. The colored powder starts at about 2:30. 

Stuffed Animals

There are a variety of stuffed animals you could order to shoot into a crowd of kids (or even adults). Or if you have a mascot, you could have them made into small creatures to shoot. 

Stress Ball and Other Shape

Everyone one has a little stress (or a lot of stress) in their lives, and catching one at a game or an event will reduce it a bit. They can be customized with advertisement and information.  

Sports Balls

If you’re blasting promotional materials at a sporting event, we have a full array of sports balls, including baseballs, basketballs, and footballs!

If you have an idea for something that could be shot out of the barrel, contact us and we can do testing for you to determine if the item will work and give you an idea of how far it will shoot!

If you can fit it into the barrel then you can launch it out (within reason).