Supercharge Your Events with a RENTAL Cannon

Do you want to test an Air Cannon before you buy? Only hosting a one-time event? Then RENTAL is the answer! (But consider yourself warned: Air Cannons are pretty addictive!)

You can rent a cannon by the week for as little as $295 plus shipping. We also offer longer and special circumstance rentals.

With the rental, an Air Cannon of your choice will be shipped to you in a protective case and includes three (3) unfilled COtanks. Once filled, these will allow you to shoot 90-100 t-shirts.

You can also get customized logo panels, t-shirts and other types of ammo for your Air Cannon rental.

To talk about renting an Air Cannon, call us at 866-386-4867 or fill out the form below.

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“The Air Cannon that we rented from Air Cannons Inc. was flawless. The packaging and shipping of the Air Cannon was very easy (especially crossing the border). It fired accurately and dependable. I would not hesitate to recommend Air Cannons to other film houses.”

Iain Reynolds

Partners Film Company Limited