Many years ago we provided an air cannon for the TV show, Pimp My Ride. What they did would take too long to explain now, but the concept of pimping your air cannon is real and it’s something you can do to your air cannon.

We’ve been pimping air cannons over the years through our custom air cannons, but you can do it yourself, too, without affecting the effectiveness of your air cannon. Take a look at these ideas:

Logo Panel:

Logo panels are something that you can have us add to your air cannon. Just provide us with ah high quality graphic of your logo and we take care of the rest. If you change your logo, you can always get in touch with us to provide another one or your can have it done yourself.


You can see stickers all over the place these days, especially on water bottles. But you can also put them on your air cannon. It won’t affect the effectiveness of your air cannon and it can be fun to have different logos on there.


You can add a scope onto your air cannon to make it look more like your aiming the t-shirts you are launching. The Toledo Zoo added a scope to their guns for an activity they are doing with their zoo lights. Read more about this here –


Maybe you don’t want your air cannon to look like a mic stand for Aerosmith, but you can add streamers and other things hanging from your air cannon to add some splash.  

Hand Paint

If you have one of our basic air cannons without a vinyl wrap then you can paint it yourself with spray paint. Make sure you to prime the bare aluminum barrel. Also, mask off things well so it doesn’t hurt the function of the air cannon.

Air Horn

Why not build a holder on your air cannon for an air horn. Get the crowd’s attention when you’re ready to shoot off a t-shirt or hot dog. We don’t have any plans on how to do it — just talk with someone who can help you figure this out. Our air cannons are well built but very simple without a lot of moving parts.

Let Us Do It For You

If you want to go even farther with your ideas, you might consider doing a Custom Air Cannon. It will cost a bit extra but it’ll be worth it. We’ve created a lot of great custom air cannons over the last 15 years.

Get in touch with us today to get your own air cannon. You, and your audience, will have a blast.