If you’re one of the thousands who have bought one of our Air Cannons, there’s a way to make extra money with your Air Cannon (if you want).

One group that could really benefit from this is an athletic department or booster clubs. They are always trying to figure out ways to make money to help with expenses — whether it’s for new uniforms, fees for practice facilities, or travel expenses for tournaments.

Other companies and venues could also benefit from using Air Cannons to generate income. Air Cannons, Inc., is headquartered in Denver, home to one of the greatest concert facilities in the world – Red Rocks Amphitheater. Wouldn’t it be great to rile up the crowd with some free t-shirts while the next act is setting up?

Here are several ways to make money for your team or venue by using an Air Cannon, all while adding excitement to your event:

Whole Package Sponsorship of an Air Cannon

You might already a bunch of different companies in your network that sponsor your local team or have done so in the past. Great! If not, it just takes some legwork to get some people to get sponsors on board. But the results can be awesome for them.

Some companies want to have the exclusive rights to an air cannon for a season. Our Air Cannons come with optional removable logos so the sponsor can have their logo on the air cannon the entire season. Next season a new sponsor? No problem.

Sponsors for Each Game

You can have a different sponsor every week. Let’s say you’re a football team booster club. You’ll probably have about six home games during the season. Sell weekly packages that would fit better into some company’s budgets.

Multiple Sponsors on a T-Shirt

Sometimes it’s not so much about raising money as it is about saving money. You can have sponsors on the back of the t-shirt with their logos. If you have enough of them, then the cost of your t-shirts will be nothing.

For example, let’s say you’re going to shoot out 500 t-shirts during a season. You could get 20 sponsors to put on the back and charge them $200 apiece. That comes out to $4,000. If you can get the t-shirts for $5 apiece, you make $1,500 off the bat.

And you can play with things a bit by charging extra to have a logo on the sleeve or the front of the t-shirts.

Raffle for Shooting T-Shirts

Cheerleaders or mascots can’t have all the fun! Sell raffle tickets at lunchtime for the opportunity to shoot the t-shirts. And then have a drawing at the end of the week. The winner will be thrilled to launch shirts into the crowd. Do this in conjunction with the sponsorship, so you’re making money twice on the same deal.

Rent It Out Yourself

You’ve invested your own budget to buy an air cannon. Why not rent it out to other teams or organizations during your off season? Just figure out a reasonable fee to charge, like $100 or $200 game. Before you know it, you could make back all your initial investment and start making a profit each time it’s used by others.

You could even charge extra to have one of your own people hype up the crowd and shoot the t-shirts (or whatever you’re shooting into the crowd).

Another way to make a buck with the rental is to make a slice on the ammo (we’re talking t-shirts) if you know a cheap way of getting t-shirts. You can even charge extra to design them if you have a designer to do it.

Types of Companies that Can Sponsor

Many booster clubs already have connections in the local community of companies that support local sports. You can see them on the walls of gyms or the fences of baseball fields. Here are some ideas of potential sponsors:

  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Department store
  • Amusement parks
  • Realty companies
  • Insurance agencies

It might be a good idea to include a coupon in with the wrapped t-shirt so the sponsor can know that their campaign is working for them.

This might be the right time to not only use our Air Cannon to add flavor to your games or concerts, as well as put some bucks in your pocket.