Can I use my own shirts and other ammo, or do I need to purchase them from Air Cannons?

You don’t need to purchase Ammo from Air Cannons.  Any type or size of shirt will work — the shirts simply need to be rolled up and have a rubber band placed around them to hold the roll.  However, when you purchase t-shirts from us, we roll and shrink wrap them for you for FREE.  All shirts come rolled up and ready to HAVE A BLAST.   Any other ammo needs – stress balls, rally towels, stuffed animals…etc – have been tested and approved for launch. Give Air Cannons a try for your ammo needs.

What is an Air Cannon?

Air Cannons are a unique and crowd entertaining way to market your team or company. These custom crafted pneumatic swag launching tools are used to share the fun of promotional products with your fans, spectators, and employees.  Air Cannons are for everyone looking to HAVE A BLAST while promoting your company or team!

Why choose the Air Cannons brand?

Air Cannons, Inc. is the original creator of the Air Cannon. We are proud to be entering our 20th year in business!  We have many satisfied customers ranging from major professional sports teams to local community business and high schools. We offer a selection of models and sizes. Whether you need multiple Air Cannons for an 80,000 seat sold-out stadium or just want to rent one for your company retreat, we’ll make sure you HAVE A BLAST!

Are Air Cannons safe to operate?

We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety for our products which is why you won’t find a plastic, PVC, or lexan barrel. Air Cannons are made out of 6061 aircraft quality aluminum and steel. We have multiple features which provide operator and spectator safety. Doing everything we can to provide a safe product is priority number one and we are happy to note that this commitment is reflected in our 20 year history as a spotless safety record. However, it is important to realize that improper operation of an cannon can be dangerous. They launch a projectile which can cause injury. We recommend adult supervision and adherence to the operation instructions.

How do Air Cannons work?

Air Cannons operate similar to a paintball gun. There are a series of valves and regulators that allow for the gas source (CO2) to be regulated. You can control the pressure which in turn will determine the distance that the Air Cannon will launch your ammo. Pressing the trigger releases the regulated gas in the reservoir out through the barrel, which in turn propels the t-shirt or other ammo.

Can I refill and reuse the CO2 tanks?

The CO2 tanks are refillable – they are made to be used over and over again.  Depending on the size of the CO2 tank and the Air Cannon model that you go with, you’ll get between 20-100 shots out of a full CO2 tank.  Common locations that re-fill the CO2 tanks are sporting goods stores, paintball shops, welding supply companies, beverage companies (CO2 is the bubbles in your soft drinks), and gas companies.  If you have a concessions stand at your facility then you can also fill the CO2 tanks yourself from the CO2 that is supplied for the soft drinks.

What type of warranty comes with an Air Cannon?

All Air Cannons come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers labor should repair be needed or manufacturing defects.  Not included under this warranty is normal wear and tear, abuse, misuse, parts, shipping, etc.

Can I customize my Air Cannon?

Yes! You are not going to find any cookie cutter, off-the-shelf product here. Your business or team is unique and your Air Cannon can be too! You get to choose from hundreds of different color combinations for your Air Cannon. You can have your company or team logo or message on the side. We can make the barrel any length or diameter that you want. The choices are numerous and it’s all up to you! We’ll work with you to help you conceptualize and design a truly unique and one of a kind Air Cannon.

Can I rent an Air Cannon?

We have a rental program.  If you would like to try one before you buy or if you only need an Air Cannon for a one time event, then consider renting.  You can visit our rentals page for additional info and pricing.

How far will an Air Cannon launch a t-shirt?

The Breeze 150 will launch from 10 – 150 feet.   The Squall 225 will launch from 10 – 225 feet.  The Twister 325 will launch from 10 – 325 feet. The Hurricane 400 will launch from 10 – 400 feet.  If you need an Air Cannon with more power just let us know – we’ll custom build one for you to meet your specs.

What else can Air Cannons launch besides t-shirts?

Besides t-shirts, Air Cannons are used to launch hot dogs, rally towels, stuffed animals, mini-footballs and basketballs, nerf balls, stress balls, baseball caps, candy, money, confetti, coupons, etc. If you can fit it into the barrel then you can launch it out (click here to visit our Ammo page). Obviously, Air Cannons are not to be used to launch anything that is hard or which might cause injury.  Because compressed t-shirts are stiff and compact, they are not recommended for use with Air Cannons.

Are Air Cannons adjustable / Can I used them indoors?

No matter which model you go with, you are able to adjust the distance that the ammo will go. So you could actually use a Hurricane 400 (our most powerful Air Cannon which will launch a t-shirt 400 feet) inside a hotel ballroom with a 25-foot ceiling.

Do you sell Air Cannons outside of the United States?

Yes.  We have sold to more than 25 different countries around the world; including Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Dominican Republic, England, France, Japan, and Mexico to mention a few. The only additional cost you’ll incur to purchase an Air Cannon internationally is an extra shipping charge.

“I wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Our cannon’s paint is a perfect color match, the carrying case really makes transporting the gun convenient, and the full aluminum construction quality gives us confidence in a great performance every time. The service we have received from your company has far exceeded our expectations and we were thrilled to receive the cannon prior to our first football game.

We’ve done gateways before, but never have we had the type of response we get when we combine them with the Air Cannon. Keep up the great work and thanks again!”

Jared King

Sam Houston State University