Brochures are about as exciting as watching paint dry. In today’s digital age, capturing attention requires bold moves. This is where our T-shirt cannons come in.

Combining in-person and social media marketing will give your brand the boost you need.

Why T-Shirt Cannons Are a Marketing Win

Imagine the crowd erupting as branded tees rain down! T-shirt cannons create instant excitement, generate positive buzz, and make your brand memorable. And you can also brand the Air Cannon with your logo!

Social Media Gold

People love sharing unique experiences online. T-shirt cannons are a guaranteed recipe for viral content. Videos and pictures of people catching your swag will spread brand awareness like wildfire. Be sure you tag us on Facebook (@aircannonsinc) or Instagram (@aircannons) and we’ll reshare your post.

Targeted Reach

Unlike forgotten brochures, T-shirt cannons directly target your audience. Fire at specific demographics or event attendees, ensuring your message reaches the right people.

Versatility Beyond Grand Openings

T-shirt cannons aren’t just for big events! Use them for product launches, trade shows, guerrilla marketing campaigns, or even to show employee appreciation. The possibilities are endless! And you don’t have to shoot just T-shirts. Shooting confetti would be cool, too, at a product launch. Even use confetti that is your brand color.

Beyond the Bang: Planning for Success

To maximize your impact, consider these key points:

  • Top-Tier Tees: Invest in comfortable, well-designed shirts people will love to wear. All sizes work with our air cannons.
  • Branding Bonanza: Make sure your logo and message are prominent for maximum brand recognition. If you’re a school, have your mascot on the front and then sell space on the back to sponsors – raise money for the booster club.
  • Capture the Moment: Have someone or multiple people ready to film the excitement and then share it on their social media.

Ready to Take Off?

T-shirt cannons are more than just a fun trick; they’re a powerful tool to boost brand engagement and virality. So, ditch the brochures, embrace the boom, and get ready to launch your brand into the social media stratosphere!

Pro Tip: Partner with influencers or social media personalities to reach an even wider audience and generate more buzz.