Videos of Our Air Cannons in Action

Here are some videos of our Air Cannons in action — whether at an arena, in a commercial or even on a morning show. Even Paul McCartney wants a t-shirt from one of our Air Cannons.

Marc Rebillet

Marc Rebillet was performing to a sold out performance (about 10,000 people) at Red Rocks Amphitheater. We gave him a short instruction during his sound check on how to use our Air Cannon and he loved it. He originally was renting it but decided on the spot to buy it.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel comes out at the beginning of his show shooting t-shirts into the audience. There is another segment where three guys are shooting t-shirts into the crowd. One of them is Aziz Ansari.

Legacy Church New Mexico

This church was planning a men’s conference and did this promo to invite men to it. Though the sanctuary is empty, you can see the power of the Air Cannon and the fun the guys were having. 

Dallas Mavericks

This clip shows the excitement you’ll see at an NBA game. There is footage of two mascots shooting t-shirts. And they reach the cheap seats up at the third level of the arena in Dallas. And you’ll see an example of one of our custom air cannons.

American Choppers

American Choppers had an event and wanted to keep the audience engaged so they started shooting t-shirts into the audience. You can see the excitement that happened as they started with the t-shirts. This is an example of what our Twister 325 can do.

Professional Bull Riders

We created a tank that rides on the chassis of a 4-wheeler. That’s right, a tank. The Professional Bull Riders got the audience involved and they loved it. This is a great example of what we can do with custom air cannons.

Paul McCartney Excited for a T-Shirt

Who would have thought one of the Fab Four would want a free t-shirt. It’s true. Even with his fame and fortune, Sir Paul McCartney is excited about getting a t-shirt shot from one of our Air Cannons. See for yourself.

Commercial for ESPN

The video opens with Scott Van Pelt from ESPN at this desk talking on the phone when a siren goes off. It means it’s time for a shirts being launched into the cubicles. We won’t spoil it for you. Let’s just say it involves cheerleaders. Take a look.

“I wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Our cannon’s paint is a perfect color match, the carrying case really makes transporting the gun convenient, and the full aluminum construction quality gives us confidence in a great performance every time. The service we have received from your company has far exceeded our expectations and we were thrilled to receive the cannon prior to our first football game.

We’ve done gateways before, but never have we had the type of response we get when we combine them with the Air Cannon. Keep up the great work and thanks again!”

Jared King

Sam Houston State University, The Mango Men