Obviously launching t-shirts into the crowd is the main function of Air Cannons. But some of our customers have come up with other creative ways to use them and even creative ways to shoot t-shirts.

Here are some ideas of different options when it comes to using Air Cannons that you might not have thought of:

1. Target Practice

We created three identical Air Cannons for the Toledo Zoo. They are using them as part of their Zoo Lights, which many zoos do around the U.S. But this is different.

The Air Cannons have striping like a candy cane and are used for an income-generating activity where patrons pay to shoot at targets using snowballs (yes, snowballs!!) Read more about it here and see a video of it in action.

2. Let the Good Times Roll

If you’re on a float in a parade your arm may get tired from throwing candy. Why not shoot the candy? Or promotional products? If you’re at Mardi Gras, you can shoot out beads to the folks in the back – that’d be fun.

3. Religious Fervor

Spread the word about your youth group with giveaways each week. The kids will wear the swag you launch at them to school and that will be a great conversation starter. You could even try printing some specifically for girls so the guys don’t try to hog them (you know how teenage guys are). You can have ones specifically for guys, too.

4. Rock and/or Roll

Not everyone heads to the concession stand or bathroom while the next band sets up. We’ve had a lot of radio stations buy from us in the past. Usually, they’ll have one of their radio personalities shoot out a bunch of their t-shirts at concerts they’re sponsoring.

5. Is it a Boy or a Girl?

I don’t think people would buy an Air Cannon just for a gender reveal but they might rent one. I’ve heard of crazier things. If you’re a party store or baby store, buy one to rent to customers. They could shoot colored confetti or colored powder for the reveal (check out the Dustin Lynch video, Seein’ Red for a cool use of powder).

6. Surprise, Surprise

If you are a restaurant, wedding venue, or event center, have one on hand for celebrations. You can shoot confetti for the birthday boy or girl at a surprise party. Or when the happy couple makes their exit, you can shoot birdseed or confetti. You’ll get great pictures and videos the happy couple will enjoy for years to come. And it wouldn’t take long to cover the cost of your Air Cannon purchase.

7. Sales Meetings & Corporate Training

These types of meetings can be kind of boring. But I’m sure you’ll get people up on their feet when you start shooting t-shirts or other swag. Let the boss have the honor of shooting the stuff, I’m sure she’ll love it.

This isn’t the end of what you can do with Air Cannons. Let us know if you have some creative ideas on using Air Cannons. Email us at Dave@aircannons.com.