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T-Shirt Cannons to Promote Your TEAM, EVENT, or BUSINESS

Your team mascot bounds onto the field with a t-shirt cannon. Fans start yelling, cheering, and waving their arms for a free t-shirt with your team’s logo on it.

Your radio station is sponsoring a concert. The opening act is walking off the stage and the headliner’s band is setting. Your top disc jockey comes out and starts launching your t-shirts, hats, or sports balls into the crowds. The crowd will go nuts.

Your company is hosting an employee retreat. Imagine your employee’s delight when the CEO takes out a custom Air Cannon and starts firing stress balls into the group.

Your fans/employees/supporters will go crazy. Sure, they come for the game or the event. But, they want more. They expect to be entertained AND THEY LOVE FREE STUFF!

   Our Models

Try Before You Buy

Maybe you’re in your in the market for an Air Cannon but are undecided. Or, perhaps you only need it for one event. We can help you with this. You can rent any of our models for a week or a month.

You can even customize the Air Cannon will logo panels, wraps and buy ammo along with the rental. Just let us know, we would love to help. But, watch it, our Air Cannons are pretty addictive — you might just end up purchasing one.

Air Cannons in Action

You’ve probably seen one of our Air Cannons in action at a concert or a sporting event. We are the original Air Cannon company!

We have several videos of our Air Cannons in action. From TV audiences to sporting fans, everyone wants what the Air Cannon is launching. (And, we mean EVERYONE — take a look at the video with Paul McCartney!)

When an Air Cannon is pulled out — the crowds go wild! Take a look and see what we mean…

Get a Quote on T-Shirt Printing

You can’t have a t-shirt cannon without t-shirts. We can get you pricing on t-shirts at the same price you are getting right now AND we can add the added service of rolling and shrink-wrapping your t-shirts. 

We want to talk with you about your ammo. Just go to our T-Shirt Printing page and fill out our form to get a quote on printing your t-shirts. We want to save you time and money. 


Custom Air Cannons

Are you ready to be blown away?

If you can think it – we can do it!  Customized AIR CANNONS are limited only by your imagination.

Our team of designers and engineers are ready to help you fabricate a truly unique cannon.

Below are just a few of our one-of-a-kind customized designs.  Contact us today and let’s discuss what you have in mind!